body composition analysis

For many years, we’ve been taught that the best way to a great body is to count calories, watch our weight religiously, and engage in vigorous exercise. Despite the constant banging of this drum, our culture still suffers from an obesity crisis, and it’s more normal to be out of shape and unhealthy than to have the body type that most people desire. At Integrative Health and Wellness, we know that the common advice leads you down the longest and most painful path to the body that you want, and in reality it may never lead you there. That’s why we focus on the body as a whole with Body Composition Analysis, and in the Milwaukee area, your best source for this advanced new way to a new you is Integrative Health and Wellness.

Have you found that religious exercise and eating “right” hasn’t really given you the results you’re looking for? Do you feel like you “plateau” before you get to the top of the wellness mountain? Do you spend countless hours in the gym and deprive yourself of many of the joys of life, only to still be stuck short of reaching your goals? Body Composition Analysis offers a different approach, with a holistic view of the body. Let Integrative Health and Wellness design a custom program for you that addresses the unique needs of your body and shows you the quickest and most effective path to your ideal physique.

Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll examine your unique health history. If necessary, we’ll proceed with lab work such as food sensitivity testing to address any underlying concerns that may be impeding your progress. Our holistic, health and science based approach means we use our depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of how the body stores and uses energy to build a plan geared toward you, and a long term solution that gets you where you want to be, and enables you to stay there permanently.

Integrative Health and Wellness is uniquely qualified to effectively apply Body Composition Analysis. Our background in nutrition is our foundation, and a firm understanding of individual metabolism allows us to optimize our approach. Our extensive experience with food sensitivities allows us to identify issues that can interfere with a “traditional” approach of exercise and calorie restriction. Our training and experience in exercise physiology helps us to identify the best exercise plan for you, with a focus on not only losing excess weight, but attaining your ideal body composition.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help you get started on the path to better health. Call us today at 262-298-0015.