metabolic panels

Understanding your body’s chemical balance and metabolism is critical to obtaining an optimal state of health. Metabolism efficiency varies widely from person to person, and the evidence of this variance is plain to see in the wide variety of body types in the population. At Integrative Health and Wellness, personal metabolism is at the core of what we do, and our understanding of it is key to our methods and practices that produce results for our clients. That’s why we offer Comprehensive Metabolic Panels to those seeking better health and wellness in the Milwaukee area.

Diet gurus dispense advice about shortcuts and tricks to boost your metabolism, many of which may or may not be grounded in science. A fast metabolism means your body gains optimal energy from food, using it consistently and not storing excess as fat. This results in a lean body and a relatively high level of physical energy as you go about your day. These are results that most of us would love to achieve, but without a true understanding of our metabolism and how to optimize it, it’s a bit of a guessing game to determine what’s right for each individual.

Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll determine if a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is the answer you’re looking for. You’ll gain an understanding of nutrition and our holistic approach to health. Keeping our practice grounded in health and science, we use our depth of knowledge and experience to develop custom solutions for each individual, with a plan geared toward you and your unique nutritional needs.

Our Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is an easy process that provides maximum benefits for your lifestyle. The information you’ll gain through our expert interpretation of the data from your test enables us to develop a plan that will put you on the path towards better health and a happier, fitter life. At Integrative Health and Wellness, we treat our clients with individual care and attention, and we continue that relationship to ensure their success. Partner with us for an optimized, efficient, and personalized plan to improve health, wellness, and personal enjoyment of life.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help you get started on the path to better health. Call us today at 262-298-0015.