food sensitivity testing

Despite what the majority of weight loss books and websites will tell you, there are no hard and fast rules that apply to all people when it comes to health, nutrition, and exercise. We’ve seen this concept go mainstream with the gluten-free movement, in which many people who don’t have a sensitivity to gluten choose to avoid it anyway, under the belief that a diet that restricts gluten will help them lose weight or get healthier. While this approach still has positive results for many people, it’s important to understand that food sensitivities are a real thing, and they can be vastly different for different people. Integrative Health and Wellness has years of experience in the field of food sensitivity testing, and in the Milwaukee area we’re leading the way in helping people achieve optimal wellness through proper nutrition.

Regardless of the strong focus on proper health and nutrition in medical science, food sensitivities are on the rise. Some experts estimate that 30% – 40% of the population suffers from some type of food sensitivity, leading to a variety of symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic diarrhea, heartburn, headaches, fatigue – even Autism and ADHD. Like many health sciences, our understanding of food sensitivities is still evolving, and new insights about how certain foods affect us in different ways are constantly being discovered. With all this new research, there are many ways to get tested and gain an understanding of your unique physiology, and how the food you eat can be holding you back from your best health.

Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll determine if food sensitivity testing is the best approach for you to reach your health goals. Our holistic, health and science based approach means we use our depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of how the body uniquely responds to different foods to build a plan geared toward you, and a long term solution that gets you where you want to be, and enables you to stay there permanently.

With our extensive background in nutrition science, and specialty in food sensitivity testing, we’re uniquely qualified to assist you in your journey towards a healthier, happier life. Once you understand your food sensitivities, you can focus on enjoying your life without inflammation weighing you down.

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