weight loss

Today, there are a nearly endless amount of factors that contribute to excess weight gain and its proliferation in our society. We are blessed with historic abundance in our country, a fact that we hold both with pride and trepidation. It terms of our diet, it means easy access to both ends of the spectrum in terms of dietary health: affordable and nutrient dense healthy foods, and incredibly easy, fast, and cheap low-quality junk food. We’re given a clear choice, but it’s not always easy to take the healthy road, particularly in our busy, hectic day-to-day lives. On top of that, we’ve been misinformed due to poor science and political meddling about what kinds of foods are truly responsible for weight gain. This has led to many years of well-intentioned, health-minded people avoiding food that is actually high in natural, healthy nutrients and instead choosing food that has very little health value, despite having buzz words such as “natural” on the package.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what made you overweight; what matters is the next step you take. A trip to any supermarket checkout aisle will end in you being bombarded with fad diets and faulty advice. It’s important to choose carefully when you begin your journey towards a healthier life. You need an expert to guide you with science-based training and experience, an expert who is not just concerned with removing weight from your frame, but in transforming you into a healthier person who will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even after the excess weight is gone. In the Milwaukee area, look no further than Integrative Health and Wellness for your weight loss needs.

Our deep experience in nutrition and our holistic approach to health ensure that you get a well-rounded program for optimal weight loss. Keeping our practice grounded in health and science, we use our depth of knowledge and experience to develop custom solutions for each individual, with a plan geared toward you and your unique situation. Our diverse background and offerings in nutrition and weight loss come together to allow us to provide you with a comprehensive program to achieve your goals, no matter what is currently holding you back.

At Integrative Health and Wellness, we’re helping people finally take the road to better health through weight loss and improved nutrition. Take the first step on a lifelong journey of optimal health and call us today.

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