The Importance of Detoxification


Each day, we are exposed to many more toxins than we think. Toxins are found in food and beverage products (we’re looking at you, long ingredient lists of non-food substances!), body products, and in our environment. Whether we are consuming them by mouth, absorbing them through our skin, or inhaling them, these toxins are making their way into our bodies and they have to be filtered out. Any guesses on what organ of the body is vital in carrying out this important task? If you guessed the liver, then BINGO! You got it. Detoxification is a natural, physiological process that our bodies are meant to carry out on a daily basis and the liver plays a central role in this. 

So what’s the issue? Our bodies are becoming bogged down due to all the potential toxin exposures in our daily lives. When the body, and more specifically the liver, is bogged down, it is no longer able to do what it is meant to do (a clogged sink doesn’t work very well, does it?). Symptoms of poor detoxification, and the resulting toxin buildup, include type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatigue, infertility allergies, behavior and mood disorders and neurological conditions. It is also related to a higher risk for diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. We need to set our bodies up for success by doing our best to avoid excessive toxin exposure and by fueling them properly. Specific foods and their nutrients fuel the detoxification process – but of course, we are referring to real foods. This sheds light onto a central teaching of using food as medicine. 

Food is meant to support our bodies in carrying out each of their natural functions, not hinder it. That is the beauty of eating “good for you” foods on a daily basis; when doing this, you are truly setting yourself up for success. With this being said, many detoxes are advertised as a program that takes place over the course of a few days or weeks. However, each day we can and should eat in a way that supports the body’s ability to detoxify. Detox programs can also offer additional support to “jump start” detoxification. This may include a more specific pattern of eating for a few days, along with supplements that provide an extra boost of the nutrients that drive the detoxification process. In a detox program, it is not the foods or supplements that are doing the detoxing, but rather their specific nutrients which facilitate the detoxification process of the body. As a result of following a detox program, individuals often experience less pain and fatigue, improved cognitive functioning and moods, satisfying sleep and weight loss. Our upcoming detox program at Integrative Health & Wellness can help you accomplish exactly this! 

Throughout the duration of our 4-week detox program, we will provide you with specific dietary and supplement guidelines to help jump start your body’s detoxification. Our guidelines promote the clearing out of  any “back up” of toxins and provide your body with the nutrients it needs in order to efficiently carry out its detoxification processes. You will also be given tips and tools to help you continue to eat in a way that not only supports your body’s natural ability to detoxify, but also supports your overall health. 

Help your body be the best version of itself and promote detoxification! Call or email Integrative Health & Wellness to learn more about our fall detox program! We are inviting you to be RENEWED this fall!