It’s Kids Eat Right Month!


August is Kids Eat Right month! As a nation, we are overfed but undernourished; many children in our society are no different than this. Parents and caregivers play a key role in the current and long-term eating habits of children; the choices that kids see their caregivers make have a strong impact on their own [...]

It’s Kids Eat Right Month!2022-08-17T14:40:51-05:00

SALE on 3×4 Genetic Testing


Get $50 off a 3x4 Genetic Test now through August 31st! A strong starting point for a health journey: understand your body! Genetic testing allows you to do just that. Importance of Genetic Testing Systems Approach: The human body is complex. The 3x4 genetic test looks at how genes work together in cellular pathways [...]

SALE on 3×4 Genetic Testing2022-08-11T09:39:12-05:00
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