Easy Chimichurri Recipe


Chimichurri is a flavorful herb sauce that is commonly used on grilled meat - if you ask us, you can put it on anything. :) Using an herb sauce, such as chimichurri, is a great way to add nutrients (and a ton of flavor!) to a meal. As you may have heard us mention [...]

Easy Chimichurri Recipe2022-10-20T13:19:18-05:00

Lemon and Dill White Bean Dip


Chickpeas aren't the only beans we can use to make a bean dip! This dip uses cannellini beans. It is loaded with flavor from garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest and dill (or other herbs of your choice). Enjoy this dip with your favorite vegetables! Ingredients 1 (15-oz) can white beans (drained and rinsed / we enjoy using [...]

Lemon and Dill White Bean Dip2022-10-05T10:58:49-05:00
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