Happy New Year!

The new year is an exciting time; for many people it is the start of a goal-orientated change. Goal setting is a common topic of discussion year round in the field of nutrition, but it definitely gains more popularity at this time of the year!

Goals are used in all walks of life and the same tips for success can be applied to any type of goal. We’d like to share a few of our favorite tips for helping you achieve your goals. Whether your goals are health-focused, work-related, family-oriented, or any other type of goal, these tips will help your goals become your reality!

When setting goals, we create SMARTER goals. This means that each goal should be…

Specific: a very specific goal, rather than a general one, is more likely to be accomplished!

Measurable: being able to measure progress toward your goal helps to hold yourself accountable!

Attainable: goals should be attainable and serve as a source of motivation. If they are not attainable, you’ll end up feeling defeated.

Realistic: focus on goals that fit YOU! Do not let your goals be influenced by the comparison of yourself to others; what works for one person is most likely not the best fit for you. This is a time for personal growth, let your goals reflect that!

Time-bound: set a timeframe of when you will accomplish your goal. Better yet, if it is a large goal with a long timeframe, set smaller goals with a shorter time frame…these small steps will help you reach your final, larger goal!

Evaluate: Check in on yourself! How have you been progressing? Have you been successful? Is there anything that has stood in your way of accomplishing your goal?

Reassess: After evaluating yourself, take a look at what isn’t working. From here, change your plan accordingly!

Using this acronym when creating goals helps them to seem less intimidating and more achievable! We wish you success in achieving all of your current and newly-set goals!