A phrase we like to use at Integrative Health & Wellness is “look beyond the number on the scale.” We say this because, rather than only paying attention to the one number that appears on the scale, we want to take a deeper look at each client’s health – and thanks to body composition testing, we are able to do this! While body composition testing has been a part of what we do since the very beginning, we are excited to announce that we have a NEW body composition testing machine! 

Our new machine, the InBody, allows for an even closer look at each individual’s body composition. In addition to breaking down the body by muscle, water and body fat, it sections off the body; we are able to look at each arm, leg, and the trunk.  We are also able to measure visceral body fat, the fat located in the abdominal region of the body. High body fat in this area is a risk factor for chronic diseases, including metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. Tracking visceral body fat ties in perfectly with our passion for taking preventative health measures! Each of these are important components in creating and maintaining balance throughout the entire body.

Why is Body Composition Testing Important? 

The reason we use body composition testing is similar to why we stray away from calorie counting. When focusing on calories, we are only focusing on one number and fail to recognize all the different components of food – the nutrients. Similar to this, when we only focus on weight, we fail to take into account everything that makes up the body. Paying attention to the components of the body, specifically muscle, water and body fat, is especially important when striving to achieve a weight loss goal. 

A weight loss program should be a program that promotes long-term health. When we monitor body composition, we are able to ensure that weight is coming off from where we want it to – body fat. Without body composition testing, there is no way to know what is causing a decrease of weight on the scale. We want to be sure it is not muscle loss that is occurring! Through our nutrition recommendations, we strive to support the body’s muscle while decreasing body fat. This is successful, maintainable weight loss as we know it. 

In addition, InBody testing is a useful tool when either weight gain or general improvements in body composition are the goal. Even at a healthy weight, an individual benefits greatly from improved body composition. Regardless of the goal in mind, checking in with body composition helps to create optimal wellness – working from the inside out! 

How Does it Work? 

For all that this machine does and shows us, it is hard to believe how incredibly simple the test is! A few steps of preparation, about 30 seconds of the test actively running, and that’s it! While standing on the machine and holding onto the handles, the electric currents are sent through the body and accurately measure each of the components…and voila! The results are then printed out each time and progress is easily tracked. 

We are thrilled to have the InBody machine and we think you will feel the same once you come to try it out!