Coming this March…our new lifestyle-based program! This program will begin the first week of March and will run for the duration of the month. The goal of this four-week program is to serve as a kickstart guide to creating and implementing long-term healthy habits in your everyday life! This will be a fun program to either do by yourself or with a family member or friend! 

What does it entail? 

  • Two 30-minute one on one appointments with a nutritionist (one in the beginning and one at the end of the program)
  • Two body composition tests using our InBody machine (we hope everyone else likes tracking body composition improvements as much as we do!)
  • Personalized foods list — half the battle of changing dietary habits is figuring out WHAT to eat…let us help you with that! 
  • Weekly educational handouts with tips for implementing healthy habits into your life — we also explain the “WHY” of these healthy habits so the reasoning and importance of the changes are understood!
  • Recipes and meal plan ideas — after the four weeks, you’ll have plenty of recipes to save for later use! The recipes are sure to expand your horizons of what “healthy food” looks like. 😉
  • Supplement recommendations for those who are interested

Contact us to learn more!