Fats for Good Health: Why They Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet


When it comes to dietary fats, there is much more to them than what meets the eye. Here at Integrative Health & Wellness we are all about healthy fats and we have reason to be!  Fats are extremely beneficial to our health; we need fats in order to help our bodies function at their [...]

Fats for Good Health: Why They Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet2020-08-27T12:01:54-05:00

InBody – Our NEW Body Composition Machine


A phrase we like to use at Integrative Health & Wellness is “look beyond the number on the scale.” We say this because, rather than only paying attention to the one number that appears on the scale, we want to take a deeper look at each client’s health - and thanks to body composition [...]

InBody – Our NEW Body Composition Machine2020-08-20T12:13:21-05:00

Be Renewed this Fall!


The Importance of Detoxification HOW WE CAN HELP YOU SET YOUR BODY UP FOR SUCCESS  Each day, we are exposed to many more toxins than we think. Toxins are found in food and beverage products (we’re looking at you, long ingredient lists of non-food substances!), body products, and in [...]

Be Renewed this Fall!2020-08-13T16:26:04-05:00
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