Hemp Seed Ranch


Buying quality salad dressings can start to get pricey, so we like to explore recipes to make our own! We found this hemp seed ranch from Karissa's Vegan Kitchen and it was the perfect addition to our salads! The best part? This recipe only has ONE step! *The recipe recommends using a blender. We [...]

Hemp Seed Ranch2021-04-29T15:33:50-05:00

Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites


It's official, chickpeas can be turned into just about ANYTHING! Noodles, rice, dips (i.e. hummus), bread, pizza crust, cookies, and... edible cookie dough? You betcha! We know it might sound strange, but trust us on this one. This chickpea cookie dough could surprise you and your taste buds! This recipe was originally for making [...]

Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites2021-04-15T15:05:03-05:00

Vegan Tzatziki


Cashews (especially soaked ones) are a helpful ingredient in making vegan dips; they provide a neutral-flavored, creamy base that can be dressed up with a variety of flavors! This vegan cashew tzatziki is great as a dip or topping for a salad or using as a dip. We hope you enjoy its flavor as [...]

Vegan Tzatziki2021-04-08T15:09:22-05:00

Colorful Chocolate Coconut Eggs


Eating in COLOR - it makes eating more entertaining, wouldn't you agree? We think so! These sweet treats definitely check off the box for being colorful! But, what's important is how they got their color. Hint: no artificial dyes used here! To color these eggs, we used dragon fruit powder for the pink, turmeric [...]

Colorful Chocolate Coconut Eggs2021-04-01T16:50:15-05:00
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