Chickpea and Veggie Omelet


Omelets are a fan favorite, but have you ever tried an eggless omelet? That's right - an omelet with no eggs! How? Chickpea flour. This is a great alternative to a traditional breakfast. As always, get creative with the veggies! Instead of spinach, we opted for onion, red bell pepper, mushroom, and broccoli then [...]

Chickpea and Veggie Omelet2020-09-24T12:27:16-05:00

Mini Egg Frittatas


Mornings can be BUSY - we know this from our own experience and we also hear it a lot from clients. However, just because our mornings are a whirlwind doesn’t mean we can forget about our breakfasts! Do yourself a favor and make breakfast easy! These mini egg frittatas are a great option to [...]

Mini Egg Frittatas2020-09-17T13:41:32-05:00

Homemade Antioxidant-Rich Salad Dressing


We have discussed fats for good health, and salad dressing is a great way to increase your consumption of healthy fats! Unfortunately, however, salad dressings are also a common place for those “bad fats” to sneak in. With this easy, homemade, antioxidant-rich salad dressing, you won’t be reaching for your store bought dressing anymore! [...]

Homemade Antioxidant-Rich Salad Dressing2020-09-10T10:42:53-05:00

Stress: How Does It Affect Our Health?


Stress...something we all probably feel familiar with in one way or another, right? We might be familiar with what causes us to be stressed, the way we feel when we anticipate a stressful situation, or maybe we even recognize the way our body responds during stressful situations. But, are you familiar with the true [...]

Stress: How Does It Affect Our Health?2020-09-03T16:47:25-05:00
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