Homemade Granola


Finding a good quality granola at the grocery store can be difficult (and pricey!). Making your own is easy, cheap, and allows you to personalize the flavors. Use it as a topping on yogurt or a smoothie bowl, eat with milk and fruit, or enjoy on its own! Ingredients 4 cups old-fashioned rolled oats (use [...]

Homemade Granola2021-07-29T15:53:44-05:00

The Morning Blend


In case you missed it, we were on the Morning Blend! As they stated on their website... When it comes to weight loss, everyone’s journey looks different. Nutrition is not “one size fits all,” so it’s important to create a personalized nutrition plan that fits your own needs. Integrative Health & Wellness can help [...]

The Morning Blend2021-07-22T14:56:22-05:00

Turkey Tacos with Coleslaw and Spanish Rice


Turkey tacos for dinner one night --> turkey taco bowls for lunch the next day...the best of both worlds! In addition to these three recipes, we made our tacos/taco bowls with romaine lettuce, black beans, diced tomatoes, diced black olives, sliced avocado, jalapenos, and fresh-squeezed lime juice! For the turkey taco meat: Ingredients 1 teaspoon olive [...]

Turkey Tacos with Coleslaw and Spanish Rice2021-07-16T15:26:58-05:00

Bean Noodle Pasta Salad


Pasta salad is a great addition to a summer cookout! Next time you make it, try switching it up to make it more nutritious...but still delicious. ;) How? Use bean noodles, load it up with colorful veggies, and incorporate healthy fats into the dressing! Ingredients  One package Banza chickpea noodles Vegetables of choice (we [...]

Bean Noodle Pasta Salad2021-07-01T15:05:39-05:00
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