Using Turmeric in Cooking: Kitchari


Turmeric has gained quite the reputation in the world of nutrition and alternative medicine - and rightfully so! This warming spice does not fall short in health benefits that it provides for our bodies. Two of the main health benefits that brought turmeric into the spotlight are its anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to [...]

Using Turmeric in Cooking: Kitchari2020-12-10T13:11:05-06:00

The Benefits of Chocolate and a Healthier Hot Chocolate Recipe


'Tis the season for hot chocolate! Warming up with a mug of hot chocolate is the perfect fix for a cold day. How to make it even better: try making yours a bit differently this year and make it with raw cacao powder! Chocolate, if is the right kind, is classified as a superfood. [...]

The Benefits of Chocolate and a Healthier Hot Chocolate Recipe2020-12-03T16:55:48-06:00

Pumpkin Bars


The season of pumpkin is still upon us! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin drinks, pumpkin energy balls (see our Instagram for two delicious recipes!), and now pumpkin bars! Canned pumpkin puree - this is different than canned pumpkin pie filling - is loaded with nutrients; pumpkin is a great source of vitamin A/beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C, [...]

Pumpkin Bars2020-11-25T08:54:54-06:00

Phytonutrients: What Are They and What Do They Do For Us?


Phytonutrients are powerful components of plants that, when consumed, defend our health. Due to these nutrients, it has been found that individuals who consume more plant foods have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These nutrients are also important to the health of the plant itself due [...]

Phytonutrients: What Are They and What Do They Do For Us?2020-11-19T14:50:58-06:00

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so its about time we begin thinking about what will be on the menu for dinner that night! Typically, Thanksgiving dinner leaves us feeling tired and overfull. Well, we have good news - it doesn't have to be that way! The classic dishes that are served on Thanksgiving can be [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas2020-11-12T17:45:03-06:00

Sleep and the Hunger Hormones


Sleep - it is something many of us frequently want more of but perhaps do not prioritize in our day to day lives. However, when it comes to trying to improve eating habits, skimping out on sleep is not doing us any favors. Why? Sleep impacts our hunger hormones which, in turn, [...]

Sleep and the Hunger Hormones2020-11-05T17:07:53-06:00

Understanding Nutrition: Food is Medicine


What is nutrition? We will give you a hint: it's about much more than reaching a certain weight. While weight loss  is what is typically thought of when the word “nutrition” is heard, it goes far beyond achieving the weight that is right for you! We think it is important to understand exactly what [...]

Understanding Nutrition: Food is Medicine2020-10-29T16:41:39-05:00

Cashew Cream Recipe and Uses


Cashew cream - a versatile cream that can be used as a base for many condiments and serve as a replacement for dairy-based cream in a recipe! Better yet, it is so easy to make! The recipe below is the "unflavored" version, allowing it to serve as a replacement for cream in just about [...]

Cashew Cream Recipe and Uses2020-10-22T11:58:43-05:00

Understanding Insulin Resistance


Insulin resistance is a term that is frequently referred to, especially when discussing type 2 diabetes. But, what actually is insulin resistance? How does it affect our health?  If a person develops insulin resistance, this means their body has become less sensitive to the actions of the insulin produced by the pancreas. A primary [...]

Understanding Insulin Resistance2020-10-15T12:59:04-05:00

Positivity and The Immune System: How are They Connected?


The whole body is connected, we know that! This is a topic that we frequently discuss, especially in our most recent newsletter. We like to specifically focus on how the health of our gut (i.e. gastrointestinal tract) affects the rest of our health. If our gut is in poor health, this will cause many [...]

Positivity and The Immune System: How are They Connected?2020-10-08T13:16:52-05:00
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